2009 Photos by Heather Green

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Future farmer learns to crush rock in the older days. Click here! Heather Green on scales as Harold Thomas makes sure there is enough clearance for her to pull on July 18 at the antique tractor pull. Click here! Heather Green gets ready to pull MF35 while her father, Ralph Henson, looks on and ready to follow with tractor and roller. Click here! Megan and grandfather from Florida takes a break from selling snowballs on July 11 2009 at a tractor pull. Click here! Megan and grandparents take a quick photo shot before getting hammered by the crowed at the snowball stand. Click here!
Megan and Kyle on their 730 John Deere tractor. Click here! Melissa Newkirk gives barrel cart rides. Click here! Mummers Day Parade on Oct. 31, 2009 waiting to be lined up. Click here! Our future farmer gets a first hand on how to shell corn the old fashion way. Click here! Ralph Henson all smiles as he wins with his MF35 in his class. Click here!
Ralph Henson got the green flag to pull. Click here! Ralph Henson got the red flag from Doug Shoop. Doug unhooks him from the sled. Click here! Ralph Henson hooked up to the sled for the just time pulling and with his MF37 waiting. Click here! Ralph Henson looks back to see if it's ok to pull the tractor off scales and down to pit area on July 21, 2009. Click here! Ralph Henson pulling a hot rod across the scales on July 21 at tractor pull. Click here!
Ralph Henson rolling the track to get wet spot to dry a little before tractor pull. Click here! Ralph Henson waves to the crowd as he waits. Click here! Ralph Henson tries to take a nap until the next event. He's not a JD man he is a MF man. Melissa and Jim put the blacket on him because he's a MF man, LOL. Click here! Roy Green gets the red flag from Doug Shoop and Steve Wright tells him to back up and stop so he can unhook. Click here! Roy Green on Farmall H that once was Ralph Henson's. Roy restored it for himself. Click here!
Steve decided on which way to turn his neck. Click here! Steve wakes up. Melissa tells Steve his picture was taken while he fell asleep (Oct. 31, 2009). Click here! Steve Wright fell asleep along parade route as Melissa looks toward the crowd and Megan gives all smiles (Oct 31, 2009). Click here! Steve Wright's tractor waiting for Chambersburg parade (Sept 7, 2009). Click here! Troy Henson with his Ford Augtia hot rod. Click here!

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